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Please help us: Wee about to loose our fifth wheel need. About 20000 so can get payment down please help

Wee about to loose our fifth wheel need. About 20000 so can get payment down please help us I don't want to he on the streets please help hep us.
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ButterflyLaura30   in reply to LouM   on

Help With Rent And Security Deposit

Hey I'm Laura Arnett And my old man John Ledford and our services dogs are looking for a place to live, we are staying at River City Inn in Jacksonville Florida. We're running out of money. For a week staying here is 338 .please help us
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luckyguess   in reply to luckyguess   on


My fiance, a nurse is in ogun Nigeria. She is standed there. Her assignment contract finished. Her plane ticket back is paid for, but she needs 550.00 to pay for her excess baggage bill. She has a hospital payroll check that she cannot cash untill she reaches the states. She can receive money via money gram. Wish I have done to help her eat.
Her contract ended 11/19/15 and she has been staying in a hotel room since the end of her contract. She can pay any one back who has 550.00 dollars. It's all true. I've checked it all out. She is Norwegian, Fluent speaks broken english. I am at a loss. Please I'm begging for someone to please help us
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gbarzie   in reply to Christine616   on


Hello, I'm Bronstine K. Harris Evangelist. I'm in charge of a church congregation in Monrovia Liberia known as faith evangelical Lutheran church Liberia synold. I need car to be able to attend all of my church activities and also enable my family and I get in service on time. Please help me. May God bless you.
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Please Help Us, help in time of need: I would appreciate anything. I will gladly exchange help for jewelry. I

I would appreciate anything. I will gladly exchange help for jewelry. I work with all kinds of gemstones mony are faceted. I even have a pretty large gemstone collection if anyone is interested I just cannot force myself to sell them for pennies on Ebay as they are so much more valuable. Thank you.
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I am in Northern Ky it's me and my nie year old son. Heis daddy is in Prison in Ky. I

I am in Northern Ky it's me and my nine year old son. He's daddy is in Prison in Ky. I need help I am sinking in bills this year and having a hard time. I would appreciate anything for my son. He has a small list but anything would work he wants one video game, and an xbox one that will not happen from me anyways too much. He did want one more thing I have to remember it. He is not a greety child don't ask for much. We have one grandma who is finiacially struggling as well. No others to buy for him. Any help would be appriciated. We have had a reallly hzrd few years I don't want to put up the story of my life so some will think it is not true just trying to get help. But if you want to know what we have been through just ak I will tell you.

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Heidi S. Browning   in reply to blessing 123   on

Heidi S. Browning

Thank you for your lovely prayers!!!!!!! God Bless You
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Please Help Us: Again please help im not even sure ill be able to get a Christmas tree for my son nor

Again please help im not even sure ill be able to get a Christmas tree for my son nor Christmas supper for that matter..However i am n would be greatfully n thankful for any help.
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help in time of need, Help: Looking to get diapers size 4 && wipes........ also needing $$$$ I have been

Looking to get diapers size 4 && wipes........ also needing $$$$ I have been through a lot and still going through it--- I just had 4 dr appts back to back yesterday and don't think its getting any better these days-- life is getting really hard I barely have change these days to scrape together--- If there is anyone who could help me PLEEEEEEEASE...

I don't care if its gift cards or whatever I need help--- I'm a single mom && yes I do have kids.. I'm in need of toiletries, household items, my kids need things themselves- I'm in need of stuff for myself but don't have the $$ to do anything.

I'm at my wits end to even ask anymore cause I'm NOT getting anywhere I start my class today so slowly starting to finish what I started && hoping I can recover to make it---- I've got a gastric peptic ulcer 8" wide and also found a larger size cyst in my ovaries.. been going for MRIz && xray's next is an EGD

Taking medication like its food for me these days--- Uuugh kids seem to NOT be to happy cause they would like to go see a movie or bowling or doing something && I can't provide ANY KIND OF FUN cause I have NO MONEY

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please help us: We need help to get back home to our family in south Carolina. We only have three more

We need help to get back home to our family in south Carolina. We only have three more days until we are homeless and all the shelters are full. It's been very hard on us since we have our beautiful one yr old with us and it's very hot here for her. Came here after my mother past in November to help a friend of the family which I thought was my family. He kicked us out after we paid rent and spent 150 in groceries. We have no family here and need to get back home asap. If anyone can help us we would be gratefully appreciated. Good bless
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Please Help Us, PLEASE HELP MY FAMILY: I need money to get everything paid off my duck work in my house redone

I need money to get everything paid off my duck work in my house redone all doctor and hospital bill paid . I want to help my girl get dentures she ashamed of them we getting them pulled but she will need implants or something. I wish I could help some of these kids that need help. I love kids and I want to help them someway . Thank you for listening to me . God Blless
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oneforgiven   in reply to oneforgiven   on

Well, I wrote my "story" here over a month ago, but no one has "come to our rescue"... perhaps I need to clarify my request; I am seeking an organization or an individual able to help me wade through the bureaucratic red tape of the Victims Compensation Fund in order that I may apply. I was in a "hit and run" accident over a year ago
. As told before, I was unconscious for 18 (eighteen) hours after the ambulance found me. I was informed the hospital had received a call telling the hospital that a woman had been run over by a truck and she (I!) Had been thrown from my bicycle so far. and with such force that my death was imminent. It was easily over 100° that dayand my flesh actually melted into the chipseal
I just turned 60. Why this website says I a Andrew asplalt (?) apvementm 59, I don't understand. Do the math, please;05/21/54!! Thank you & may God bless you all inmensely. Respectfully, Bonnie
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Help Me Please!!!, help me: I'm tired-- my body is tired-- if I went now............. I would really

I'm tired-- my body is tired-- if I went now............. I would really HATE myself, cause I would leave those behind I'm trying to better my life for-- I don't drink, smoke or do drugs-- I am just me.... DISABLED- FEELING DEPRESSED- UNSATISFIED------ I NEED HELP..... PLEASE
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Help, family in need: I JUST DON'T KNOW... I feel like I'm NOT getting better but I'm just barely teetering at

I JUST DON'T KNOW... I feel like I'm NOT getting better but I'm just barely teetering at the WORST-- I ended up in the hospital, went to see my family dr on Monday and he straight admitted me into the hospital stayed for 3 days for cellulitis in my right foot... MaaaN it was baaad but got me hooked up to iv antibiotics and then sent home with them.. so, so happy I didn't have to get another picc line put in again

I'm so close to getting into school but then so far from needing to start-- I keep praying everyday that things are going to get better that all is going to look good for OUR FUTURE but then I get kicked back just a little bit I think to make sure I'm keeping it together, well that's my explanation of things

I had to ANOTHER application for food stamps- medical && cash assistance.. I really need it

I've been here asking for help but if there is ANYONE out there reading this && can help I and my family WE WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT... I can't walk around not even to do things around the house I have to keep both feet elevated until I see the dr on Friday May 9. I want good news LORD please

Gift cards or whatever you think you can help US with.. message me and I will definitely give you my information--- I need to get this to come together I'm shooting for an October finish for school I will even go until the end of this 2014 if I have to but I'm going to graduate.. I'm going to be apart of the working world again && I'm NOT giving up-- I want better health, I want to stay on this earth as long as I can, I want to just be here for my children who still need me.......... PLEASE I hope SOMEONE out there can help US
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please help us: If there is any angels out there who can help me because I don't have the money to give my

If there is any angels out there who can help me because I don't have the money to give my three children a Christmas. My daughter Tamara is 4yrs old,My son William is 2yrs old and then there is my baby Jeremiah he is one.
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Battles   in reply to Battles   on


I need help with this months utility bill?
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lifeculdgetbetr   in reply to lifeculdgetbetr   on


Still looking for Christmas help for our boys i am not able to get on here much because i neighbor don't have internet anymore that i can get on and the wifi signal here lets me on then signs me right back out. I hope everybody has been doing great and being safe. we just got 4 inches of snow they said 9 inches by saturday makes me so nervous. Hoping to put the tree up tonight the neighbor gave us but we don't have any lights or anything so if anybody has any extras they could donate think about me please!!! hate to feel like I am just on here asking for everything i am so sorry for that just don't get to get on much at all and talk to anybody. I am in need of a verizon phone if anybody has a old one they don't use that way i could get on here through my phone. Hope everybody has a safe great day!! Praying for everybody
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Christmas Help, Help for the holidays: Well where is there to start.... this year is almost up && there are a

Well where is there to start.... this year is almost up && there are a lot of us families look'n for help---- && I am one of them... I live in Berks county && I am disabled..I've been through sooooo much in this past year with my own health issues I thought I was gon' pass away, but I'm still here-- I have no job- I barely can make a Christmas for our family && just look'n for a little Christmas cheer, help someone who has a big heart && would like to share it with my family... I need some kind of happiness to happen for my little family... I have been looking for help since June of 2013 to get on HOLIDAY HELP LISTS but they give a certain month to apply--- I did not think of EXACTLY how many families apply-- so I was not picked...........I don't know what to do, wanted this year to be different- finish school have a great job a better life going but NOPE-- I'm not giving up-- I'm here in this life for a reason cause GOD has not taken from me yet--- PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE... I will take anything: giftcards- used toys to give as gifts or even used clothing since everyone in my family needs jackets && warm clothes this winter....... I really need this.. really I do
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Kusum Waidyaratne   in reply to Roseb441702   on

Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Sri Lanka is a one of the developing country in south Asia. Round about 22 million population consisting in the country and most of them are Buddhist 72%, 8% Christian & catholic, 12% Islamic, 8%Hindus and rest of the others are varies other movements. Sri Lankan Catholics are strong in average levels. Because they are involve in the politics through Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. The Catholic church involve to develop the economy of country directly and indirectly.
Inline image 2 Inline image 3Inline image 4
Even though most of the Buddhist movements attack to the innocent catholic and Christian churches, societies and their own culture. Unfortunately Sri Lankan Catholic leaders do not do anything against this situation. 6 no of people killed by unfortunate incidents last year.48 injured, 22 no of people were arrested, and 7 disappeared. Some of Christian families are not to try to go to their churches at the week days. But government covers this ugly situation through their strong and massive advertising champagnes. No one can see it without analyzing current situation. Life styles of the poor catholic and Christian societies are gradually coming dawn.
Inline image 5 Inline image 6Inline image 7
I am a one Kusum Waidyaratne Scientist, Senior Lecturer in Para Human Archaeology and Mass Media Communication @ An Academic Research Institute of The Real Harvest A Chamber of Para Human Archaeology & Mass Media Communication. According to my subject I have done research work and completed the Biography of Blessed Fr. Jusai Vaz who was in Sri Lanka @ Kandy in 1689- 1711. No one knows where the tomb is was situated and I have found out where the appropriate place of tomb of Blessed fr. Jusai Vaz. He has named only saint in island and now in Blessed step in his canonization.
I was assaulted by Buddhist priest and anti-Buddhist movements in 13 times. They hung me by legs and assaulted me with asking stop the above all research works. They were tried to stop to publish that research book. I have turn that book in Novel type and published which named was “A Meek Brown Man From Goa". No one help me to do, even catholic churches are never give any single support to complete this research work.
Inline image 8 Inline image 9Inline image 10Inline image 11
At present I have started other research works of “Holly Mother Virgin Mary, Late Dr. Fr. Michal Rodrigo (OMI) killed by unknown crew @ 1987, late Fr Aba Costa Killed by unknown crew @ 1985 Psalms in Holly Bible, Bible Codes through first five books of Hebrew Bible @ TORA, Genesis in Quantum Physics, Etc”.
Inline image 13Inline image 12 Inline image 14Inline image 15
I haven't any single cents from any movement. Actually this is a very difficult task to do. Even I have no office to do this research works. As a Catholics, my family and me in very dangerous step in our life. But no one at here to help or assist me to complete these research works.
Hence I wrote this email to asking some sort of assistance or help from you or your organization to grant funds for produce an international type of film in biography of Blessed Fr Jusai Vaz through my book. I want to do it as urgent matter, just because all the matters of canonization of blessed Fr Jusai Vaz have stopped. Now Catholic Church promote Rev Thomos Cardinal Cooray for canonization.
I have no any objections to do it, but I want to complete the earlier one of Blessed Fr Jusai Vaz. Now my institution of “The Real Harvest” decided to produce a film in Biography of Blessed Fr. Jusai Vaz through my book which I worked in researched.
Inline image 16Inline image 17Inline image 18
The project will be planned to do an international levels in five languages. Production cost will be $ 2.8 million. If you have any possibility to offer some sort of assistance to produce this film or other research works or help to poor to poorest children and most innocent and poorest Christian families without shelters with their kids. They haven’t clothes, meals, medicine, Education even a proper place for sleep. It would be great help to up rise the Sri Lankan catholic and Christian society.
Children are not beggars. But they haven’t anything what your children have. They have feelings of starve cold, sick and sleep with love. But unfortunately they haven’t anything. They are watching with their innocent eyes and smile. How we bear this burden. I am helping them but not quite sufficient to supply. I couldn't to tolerate their whispers. That's why I ask you please help me to stop their tears. How we can eat without them because my children also in same and same age.
Inline image 19Inline image 20Inline image 21
If you have any possibility to contribute with any amount, any materials or anything what you have, It would be a great opportunity collect your all wills at the last time. We will try to survive our catholic and Christian societies and try to bring them up to the better life. Please do it as follows.
Kusum Waidyaratne.
Pan Asia Bank Sri Lanka. Kandy Branch.
RFC Ac No: 054209862118

If it is local,
Kusum Waidyaratne.
Pan Asia Bank Sri Lanka. Kandy Branch.
Savings Ac No:054209860212

Kusum Waidyaratne.
No345/A, “ Maha Gedara”,
Egodawatta, Dehipagoda,
Angaletanna, Muruthagahamula,
Via – Gampola.
Sri Lanka.

Postal Code: KY 20500
Inline image 22Inline image 23 Inline image 24Inline image 25
Forwarded this Email for your kind consideration.
If you want to contact me please call on +94 075 7106488 / +94 081 3838662 / +94 081 4909905 or E mail If you have any possibility please do it, I will fell on my knees before you and ask you, please help us.
God Bless.
Thanking You.
Inline image 26
Kusum Waidyaratne
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